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DATE: 12/10/2017 APPLICATION DL: 12/04/2017

The Playoffs is an invite only event for the top ranked fighters of 2017 

In this event, there will be no easy fight as you are competing against other top seeded competitors. 

The first place winners will recieve a jiu jitsu belt in the color of the division they won. They will also be crowned the top competitor of their division for the 2017 season. 

If you want to see last years season champions just go to the rankings and look at the competitors who have the gold border around there picture. 

Last year, winners will carry this season championship for their entire life. Their profile will always have the badge of season champion after years down the line. 

To guarentee your spot in the the 2017 Playoffs you need to make sure you end either the Super Championship Series of the Elite Series in the top 4 position of the bracket. 

Since the World Championship is worth 2x, if you win gold at the world championship you are instantly invited to the playoffs. 


ORD Name Surname Gender Age Division Belt Weight Class Academy Organization Mat # Time
0 David Mitchell Male Masters 1 | (30-35) Brown Middle | 182 & Under One World Jiu Jitsu
1 Derrick Bemis Male Masters 2 | (36-40) Brown Super Heavy Plus | 209 & Up Gracie jiu-jitsu
Name Surname Mat # Combat 1 Combat 2 Combat 3 Combat 4 Combat 5 Combat 6
Name Surname Mat # 1st Combat
David Mitchell
Derrick Bemis

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