Arizona III NOGI Adults and Masters

Mullet Arena (Phoenix )


Our pricing structure is very simple. We reward competitors that sign up in advance.

*Register for Gi and Get 10% off NoGi

*1 Rash Guard per Competitor



A. The best way to learn about our benefits is to ask an active competitor in our league. 

B. We offer brackets that have the potential for 2x the matches. (See Bracket Types in FAQ)

C. We keep track of all the matches you compete in on your user profile. Your online profile also has some very nice features such as a submission/win tracker and tagged photos of you at our events. We also record and upload every match to each competitor's profile (Every Mat have a camera recording all matches).

D. No one does events like US! We make it very exciting. Once you feel it, you will know. 


What is The Elite 8?

Before the event, each academy selects 8 competitors who they believe will earn the most points during the tournament. (Hint: Submissions and Wins are worth the most in this trophy category.) Picks are sent to the Wednesday before the tournament. 


How do I Register?

1. Register by clicking the "register now" button.

2. If you have an account login and sign up. 

2. If you don't have an account just register for the event and it will automatically make an account for you. 

3. You are done. Just make sure to keep your weight class up to date. 


Note: to allow as many competitors as possible to compete, we may add another day or move certain divisions to another day. In such case, we will provide as much notice as reasonably practical. 



  • When is the last day to change weight?

The last day to change weight classes is 8 days before the event. You must make weight to fight at the event.

Change Weight

  • When Will I Compete?

Competitors bracket times will be released Thursday night before the event. Provided we have your correct cell number you will receive a text message with this information. 

  • When do I weigh-in?

After you check-in and receive your wristband, you will be directed to the weigh-in station. You must weigh-in at least 1 hour before your first scheduled match. 

  • Do I weigh-in with Gi?

Yes, weigh-in with a Gi. 

  • Is there a weight allowance?

We allow Youth competitors to be within 0.9 pounds of their weight class. For example, in the 140 pounds weight class we accept up to 140.9 pounds.

  • Does a parent get in free with a competitor?

Yes, each youth competitor will be awarded with one free parent pass.

Other spectators may purchase tickets at the door.

  • What type of brackets are used?

2 Man = Best 2 out of 3

3 Man = Round robin

4 Man - 9 Man = Double elimination if you lose you still compete for 3rd place.

(Youth) 10 Man And Up = We Split Brackets to in to Multiple Double Eliminations. We ensure 2 matches

(Adults + Masters) 10 Man And 15 Man = Double elimination if you lose you still compete for 3rd place.

(Adults + Masters) 16 Man And + = Split Brackets into Double Elimination Brackets. Winners of division move onto another finals division.

Application is Open

Event Day
September 29th, 2024

Event Address
411 S Packard Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

Application deadline:
Sep 25th, 2024

Rash guard:
Free Rash Guard available !
Expires on Aug 30th, 2024
Mar 29th, 2024 $89
Apr 26th, 2024 $94
Jul 12th, 2024 $99
Jul 26th, 2024 $104
Aug 30th, 2024 $109
Sep 25th, 2024 $139

Event Location Open in maps
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Name Surname Gender Age Division Belt Weight Class Academy Organization Mat # Time
Name Surname Mat # Day Time

Event brackets are not published

Event results are not published


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