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Did you ever notice that the largest teams with the most competitors usually walk away with the team trophies?

Did you ever wonder what would happen if every academy could compete with an equal opportunity to win?

We did and decided to do something about it. That’s why we created the Elite 8, the first competition within our regular tournament format where every academy has an equal opportunity to win a prestigious trophy based on an equal number of nominated competitors.


Academies with more than eight (8) competitors simply select those 8 competitors that they feel will give them the most points.

The points of these eight competitors will aggregate to win the Elite Series trophy. Keep in mind that submission and wins are worth more in elite 8. We made it this way to encourage teams to pick competitors in large brackets where it takes more wins to get first place... 

  • Each fight win count as 5 points
  • Each submission count as 10 points
  • First place in your bracket count as 12 points
  • Second place in your bracket count as 6 points
  • Third palce in your bracket count as 3 points

*you dont get win points if you get a bye or your opponent doesnt shows up.

* A submission in total equals 15 pts. 5 win 10 sub = 15 pts!

These 8 fighters from each academy will be matched up based on points. They will not necessarily fight each other during the competition.

Points are compared at the end of the event to find the winners. 3 trophy categories for each tournament are awarded.


The new and revolutionary Elite Series gives academies with a lot of competitors the opportunity to win another trophy… and allows academies of all sizes to gain recognition for their quality and commitment.


The three teams with most points from their eight picks will win a crystal trophy separate from the regular tournament academy and team trophies.

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