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Covid 19 Overview

Simple Overview of Our Plan


Our goal is for competitors only to interact with competitors in their mat during  the hour of their competition. Specifically, each competitor will have interaction with approximately 8-10 people. Everyone is required to wear a face mask except during on mat competition.  As such, the average competitor will come in direct contact with 2-3 competitors. 


For Phoenix 2020 and Houston 2020 each competitor will be given two (2) free passes for spectators maximum. 

For American Open 2020 in Las Vegas we can only give one (1) free pass for each competitor maximum based on Las Vegas' current guidelines. (This is subject to change if they loosen restrictions) 

These spectators are allowed in the arena while their competitor is competing. Spectators are required  to leave once the competitor has finished with the podium. All spectators will have designated times written on their wristbands. 


Each team will be allowed to have a sufficient but not excessive  number of coaches at any one time. 

Use of outside areas for certain functions

All competitors will only have to check in at one station before competition to reduce the time spent in lines. At this station, you will be able to check-in, weigh in, and pick up your free rash guard (provided you registered by Sept 17th). 

What is located inside?

Only the podium and competition mats will be located inside. This will allow  plenty of room for each person to move around freely. 

How long can I be in the arena? 

Spectators - Are allowed in the arena while they have a competitor competing. Once the competitor goes to the podium, the spectator must leave the arena also. Wristbands of spectators will include times they are allowed in the arena. We will have staff ensuring this policy is followed. 

Competitors- Competitors will be escorted to their mat about 15 minutes before they compete. Once competitors  finish competition, they will go directly to the podium to collect medals. After the podium ceremony, competitors  shall leave the arena. 


Mats - Between each and every match, referees will spray and dry the competition area with disinfectant (100% Alcohol) and ensure each area is dry before the next match.  


Face Masks are required in the arena at all times for everyone except for competitors during their matches. Competitors are required to put on their facemasks  promptly after  and between their matches. 

We will also require a face mask at the outside check-in, weigh-in and rash guard areas. Competitors will check-in at designated periods to control lines. Parents are allowed to remain with their children. 


All staff members will have temperature taken on the day of the competition. They will be required to wear a face shield along with a face mask. 

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