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Adults & Masters Male Weight Classes

Rooster | 130 and Under

Light Feather | 141 and Under

Feather | 154 and Under

Light | 168 and Under

Middle | 182 and Under

Medium Heavy | 195 and Under

Heavy | 208 and Under

Super Heavy Plus | 209 and Over


Adults & Masters Female Weight Classes

Light Feather | 118 and Under

Feather | 130 and Under

Light | 141 and Under

Middle | 156 and Under

Middle Plus | 157 and Up




White, Grey, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue

White Belt Group Include (Beginner)

White Solid

Grey Belts Group Include (Intermediate)

Grey / White 

Grey / Grey 

Grey / Black 

Yellow Belt Group Include (Experienced)

Yellow / White 

Yellow / Grey 

Yellow / Black 

Orange Belt Group Include (Advanced)

Orange / White 

Orange / Grey

Orange / Black 

Green Belt Group Include (Highest Level for 15 and Under)

Green / White 

Green / Grey 

Green / Black 

Blue Belt Group Include (Experienced for 16, 17 Year Olds/ Juvinelles)

Blue Solid


Weight Classes Youth

Weight classes for youth are usually separated by 10 lbs increments and some cases by 15 lbs in the older age groups. For example 50-59, 60-69, 70-79 lbs or in the case of 15 lbs it would be 130-144, 145-159

At a certain point, we add a weight class where the weight can be any weight over. For example, 110 means weighs anywhere over 110 lbs. So he/she can weigh 130lbs or 150lbs





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